Book Review

Book Review: Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis

Basic Info…

Title: Kisses From Katie

Author: Katie Davis

Publisher: Howard Books

ISBN-10: 1451612095

ISBN-13: 978-1451612095

My thoughts….

Probably the best book I have read in years.  I literally could not put it down.  My conversations have been littered with…Katie Davis said…and in the Kisses From Katie book…and so on.  When I was thinking about what I would write about the book, I picked up it and again….could not put it down.  I could re-read it again and again, learning and growing each time.

After finishing the book and through reading Katie’s blog, she really writes honestly and transparently.  It leaves you feeling like you are her friend.  Like she is writing to you, to tell you about this amazing adventure.

I already had a soft spot in my heart for Uganda and their people, but this book really took that to a whole other level.  I long to be in Uganda and serving the people.  The overwhelming theme of the book is love.  Loving people, loving God.

Katie talks about saying yes.  Saying yes to what is in front of you and just being available.  For such a young woman, just out of high school, her bravery and dedication was pretty incredible.  She definitely did not give up when things got hard or challenging.  She pushed through the bad days, relying completely on God.  She didn’t have family or friends nearby, she didn’t pack up and head home.  She just dug in and relied on God even more.  Her faith was refreshing, her resolve inspiring.  She definitely made me look at life with a different perspective.  A part of my heart lives in Africa, in Uganda, and someday I hope that I have the privilege of visiting Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries.  That has officially been added to my Bucket List.

If you want to be challenged, if you want to fall in love with people half a world away, if you want to be moved in a way that is unexplainable…read this book.  It literally changed my life.