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Refugee Lives Matter

My heart is broken. It has become a physical pain in my chest over the last day. This is not about politics. I am a Christian first and foremost. And to me, being a Christian means that I have devoted my life to serving my Jesus and loving people the way that He does. All people. It’s not America first. It’s Jesus first. It’s our time to rise up Church and stand in the gap for the lives that are being cast aside.

Let me be very clear – I also care deeply about American lives. American jobs. Americans being safe from terrorists. This executive order prevents people WHO ARE LEGAL from entering our country. People who have legal status. People who have jumped through all the hoops. This is a flawed position.

The definition of refugeea person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. These are people who have been forced to leave. They are fleeing for their lives. If you have not educated yourself on the process that a refugee goes through before coming to the US, please do so.

The stories of those forced from their homes, fleeing for their lives breaks my heart. I believe that the Bible is clear that we are to welcome the stranger into our lives and homes {Check out Matthew 25:35-40}.

Children are dying in Aleppo. Families are trapped in Kirkuk. Mosul is the setting of an ongoing war. There are innocent people who need our help. People are languishing in temporary camps around the world for years.

I believe that seeing the truth is critical to understanding and compassion. I encourage you to check out this piece in Time Magazine. Or this heart wrenching piece by CNN. And the Washington Post reports that there are only 7 doctors left in Aleppo that can treat catastrophic injuries. The hospitals are being bombed and destroyed. And since I first wrote this that has even changed – there are no hospitals in Aleppo.

I am left with mixed feelings. What can I do? What is my part in this crisis? I want my heart to be soft, like six year old Alex, who invites Omran to be his brother. I want to serve people as the Bible teaches me to serve.

This photo makes the tragedy so clear in my mind.


I believe that we can do better. I believe that we must do better. And Church, the world is watching how we respond. You can March for Life and then praise a ban on refugees, you have just spit in the face of the needy – the broken, the very people that we are called to love. If you aren’t standing for ALL life then you are not pro-life, you are anti-abortion.

I have heard an argument that other countries aren’t taking refugees. We should never base our actions on the action or inaction of others. We shouldn’t be seeking to emulate Saudi Arabia. What Saudi Arabia (or any other country) does is not the standard for our behavior.

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I am finding my way. I cannot sit by and watch this fire burn. I would encourage you to follow or support awesome organizations like {my favorite} Preemptive Love Coalition, World Relief, or We Welcome Refugees. I will be on the right side of history. I will fight for those without a voice.

And I will love without fear.