Challenge, Life


One of my friends has chosen a word for New Year’s the past few years and I thought this was pretty cool…then I heard about this whole movement towards choosing a word and not a resolution.  You can read more about them at One Word 365 or My One Word.

Intentional:  done with intention or on purpose; intended.  {}

I have many goals for 2013…and all of them boil down to one thing — making intentional choices for my future.

Being more involved in my community — choosing a church, choosing groups to get involved with — intentionally making a difference in the world that I live in.

Being more healthy — stopping bad habits, gaining a healthier lifestyle — intentionally doing things that I know will improve my quality of life.

Living more simply, focusing on people and not things.

I am excited to live intentionally.  I think that 2013 could be my best year yet and I can’t wait!